8 wellness goals for 2016 to bring out the best in you
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8 wellness goals for 2016 to bring out the best in you

A New Year is like 52 Mondays all wrapped up into one. A time to refresh and reevaluate your life and think about the changes you want to make to feel better, be healthier and less stressed but we all know that like every “ I’ll start again on Monday” mantras, most New Years resolutions don’t stick past a few days or weeks if you are lucky. If you are struggling to set health and wellness goals for the New Year I have put together my top small wellness goals that when all put together will bring out the best in you for 2016.

 Eat Breakfast

I know you hear this all the time but for good reason. A protein rich/high fibre breakfast will fill you up, stabilize your blood sugars and stop you from over eating later in the day. I don’t tend to get hungry until around 9am so I have to prep my breakfast and take it into the office most mornings. This takes a little organising but well work the effort. Pre made egg and vegetable muffins, leftovers from dinner, oats soaked overnight with natural yoghurt are just a few of my morning favourites.

 Move Your Body

Does this sound familiar… wake up, drive to work, sit 8 hours, drive home, sit and eat dinner, sit on lounge, go to bed. Add up how many of your waking hours are spent sitting down. Commit to at least 20min day cardio exercise every day plus as much incidental exercise as possible. Wake up 20min earlier every morning and get outside. Run, Walk, Ride, Swim… Your body and mind will thank you for it.


I am terrible at drinking water. My only saving grace is that I eat a diet with a high water content ie: lots of vegetables. Dehydration causes fatigue, brain fog and constipation. All things we can do without. If you are like me and need a prompt to drink water then commit to drinking 200ml before every meal or snack and 500ml each morning on waking.


How are you breathing right now? Are you taking short, shallow breaths that are not filling up your lungs the oxygen? Stop and take 10 deep breaths, repeat any time that you feel stressed, overwhelmed or just need to re centre yourself and refocus. It’s a mini meditation that you can do anywhere, anytime. Sitting at traffic lights is my prompt for mindful breathing.

 Prep your meals

Boring! Yes I know, but you will be amazed at how being organized in advance with your lunches and dinners will make an enormous difference to your week  in regards to more free time, less stress and improved nutrition. Take a few hours every weekend to plan your lunches and dinner for the week ahead. Go shopping and make sure you have all the ingredients so that you’re not stopping at the supermarket every night on the way home from work. Pick you favourite easy to prep mid week meals and repeat each week until you sick of them. Make enough to take for lunch the next day.

Finally….be kind to yourself

Real life is crazy, unpredictable and messy. Things rarely go to plan and that’s ok. Don’t wait til next Monday to start again. Every day is an opportunity to do the best you can and that’s all you need to do. Kel xoxo