Do You Juice?
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Do You Juice?

Unfortunately I am at the age where like fashion trends I am seeing food trends come around again for the second time. One of those trends is juicing and back in my day… weren’t a real foodie, unless you had a Champion Juicer on your kitchen bench and wheat grass was the kale of the 80’s.

Once again Juicing has come back into fashion to aid detox, cleansing and weight loss as just a few of its health claims. The sale of juicers in Australia has gone through the roof in the past 2 years and you only have to walk past a boost juice or watch the line outside a fresh juice bar to know that there is something going on.

Before you buy your next juice or invest in a juicer, you should know a few things about what you can expect juicing to do for you, and what’s just hype.

Myth: Juicing is better than eating the whole fruit or vegetable

Fact: There’s nothing better than munching on the whole fruit or vegetable. Whole fruit and vegetables contain fibre and most of us are not meeting our daily fibre needs already.

Myth: Juicing helps you lose weight

Fact: Juice is a concentrated source of calories. This is especially true if you use more fruits than vegetables in your juices. Each piece of fruit in your juice will add approx. 80 calories.

Myth: Juicing is a way to cleanse your body

Fact: Your liver and kidneys were created to detoxify and naturally cleanse your body. Juicing or taking special concoctions won’t do a better job and there is no scientific evidence proving otherwise.

Personally, I think that Freshly prepared, predominantly vegetable based juice is a great addition to any healthy eating plan but it is not a miracle cure.

My favourite: carrot, apple, and beetroot with loads of ginger

What’s yours?